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Understand and Exceed Client Expectations

3 Ways to Boost Your Customer’s Experience

People Do Business with People They Like

Educate and Protect Your Customers

Are You Getting a Leg Up on the Competition?

E458: Solving The Problems

The project team must take the lead in developing customer relationships.   Solving the common problems better is a requirement We must solve the typical construction problems Schedule, materials, subcontractors, change orders, design coordination, etc. This is what every contractor is hired to do This is the core responsibility – the blocking and tackling Going …

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E454: Qualify Your Customers

Be sure you customers align with your company’s values and culture.   Who we work for impacts our bottom line We have our own identity based on values, mission and goals We have a culture and way we do things – it’s what make us Elite Our companies don’t fit every client It’s critical to …

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E437: Dominate Your Market With Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction goes far beyond quality construction.   The biggest misconception Build a quality project and they will hire me again Not always true – if you are a pain to deal with they won’t want you back If the client gets the project they want then they will hire me again If I give …

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E412: Create Customers For Life

Make it a goal to build customers for life.   (Having technical trouble uploading the Coachcast – Click Here to listen on iTunes)   A key to building an elite organization is repeat customers Create customers for life or until we fire them Set goals to retain customers It costs 5 times more to get …

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E392: Selling By Listening And Educating

Keep the sales and marketing efforts engage throughout the sales cycle.   It’s not enough to just get the opportunity to bid on a project – keep selling Don’t just rely on your pricing to get you the job Keep selling and marketing throughout the process – (but not the hard sell) Learn what make …

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