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E404: Ask Your Employeess

Don’t miss out on one of the best, untapped resources in your company. How often do you or one of your senior managers spend time talking and listening to your employees? Not enough.   Your employees know They know the real values of your company They know why your competition is kicking your butt They …

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E394: The Importance Of Happy Employees

“Look after your staff first and the rest will follow.” – Richard Branson   We are in a service business – like it or not Customer service is a key to success Everyone is a sales rep People prefer working with happy people All of these are improved with happy employees Good morale boosts productivity …

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E369: Building An Elite Culture

Motivate your teams by building an elite culture in your organization.   Today we talk about 5 key tips to building an elite culture in your organization. Give people a purpose Militaries do a great job of motivating people – why? One key thing – they have a purpose Wikipedia was created with volunteer writers …

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E333: Evaluating Our People and Culture

Let’s take a look at our people and culture as we continue to evaluate our business.

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Episode 119 – Understanding Your Culture

“Successful companies have distinct cultures. Do you know your real culture?” In this episode we review the importance of understanding what your company’s real culture is.

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Episode 20 Corporate Culture

In today’s episode we talk about corporate culture. ¬†We review the importance of building your culture and steps to take to make sure we do it right.