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Review All Contracts and Change Orders Thoroughly

Review All Contracts for Accuracy

E723: Contract Deliverables Tracking

Make sure you meet your contract requirements with a deliverables matrix.

E571: Ask Coach – Good Project Scopes

Complete comprehensive “scopes of work” for your projects to avoid disputes.   Q: What’s the best way to make sure my project scope is clear? A: Write a detailed scope during estimating, review your contract, and have a scope┬áreview meeting with your client.   Project scope can be very complex Not everything is clear in …

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E542: Scope Clarifications In Contract

Review your contracts with estimating to clarify the scopes.   Most estimates have them Clarifications to the bid Exclusions and inclusions Discussion items in negotiations Problems arise if not in contract Often happens when the project is on-going The project team is expected to perform per contract but contract is wrong Items are missed in …

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E522: Estimating The Contract

Review your contracts carefully during the estimating process.   Contracts are the basis of all projects Contracts = risks / deliverables = cost Contracts can be simple or complex Review the clauses and account for them in your estimates Risks & deliverables cost money Depending on the risk / deliverable the value will fluctuate You …

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E433: Contract Deliverables Review

Do a thorough review of your contract deliverables before starting work.     Contract deliverables are the requirements established in the contract Everything outside of the project itself – items not in the contract documents The requirements for daily reporting, insurance, change notices, payroll reports, etc. Special instructions in the contract like maintaining records and …

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E321: Ask Coach – One Page Agreements

Working with others is a great way to boost your business, just protect yourself.

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Episode – 56 – Project Pre-Planning – Contract Risks

“Start your projects on the right track with proper pre-planning.” Today we discuss proper project pre-planning related to contract risks.

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