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Jan 10

Manage Projects Better by Improving Communications

Jun 14

E738: The Importance of Precise Communication

People don’t hear what you say, they hear what they understand.

Apr 27

E704: 3 Aspects of Good Communication

Good communication is key to leading great teams.

Oct 13

E564: Effective Communication Tools

Good communication and information sharing save countless time and effort.   Communication is paramount to success Communication with your clients Communication among your organization and teams Communication to your employees Develop sound protocols Outline the who, what, when, how, and tracking of your communication to clients Provide the outline in processes for communicating internally How …

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Jan 13

E368: Project Communication Plans

Develop project communication plans to keep everyone informed properly.     Communication is key to a successful project We all know how important good communication is yet often fail to communicate enough There are many levels to consider, Owner/Client/Team/Suppliers/Subs/Public People cannot perform if they don’t know what’s expected Good communication needs a plan Who is …

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Jan 07

Episode 103 – Over Communicate

“Over communicate your way to successful projects and lasting relationships.” Today we review the importance of great communication.

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Sep 18

Episode 24 Project Communication

In today’s episode we discuss effective project communication.

Sep 09

Episode 17 – Change Order Communication

Today I dig into how we communicate with our clients when we discuss change orders.  We discuss building trust and clearly communicating with our clients to ease the pain surrounding change orders.