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Aug 07

Finding Clients the Value Our Services

Jun 26

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Jun 05

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away From the Sale

Jun 04

Ask Coach – My Client is Delaying the Start of the Project, Help

Mar 19

Ask Coach – How Do I Handle an Unreasonable Client?

Feb 08

Choosing the Right Clients

Jan 18

The Impact of a Bad Client

Jul 10

E756: Ask Coach – How Do I Know Who My Ideal Client Is?

Finding the right clients requires constant review and refinement.

Jan 31

E642: The Right Client

Don’t waste time chasing the wrong clients.  

Mar 21

E416: Ask Coach – Dealing With Difficult Client Employees

Take the high road when dealing with difficult managers.   Q: What is the best way to handle a project manager that is doing a bad job? A: First, protect yourself. Second, try to help them improve and/or let the company know.   We run across them from time to time – those difficult people …

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