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Finding Clients the Value Our Services

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away From the Sale

Ask Coach – My Client is Delaying the Start of the Project, Help

Ask Coach – How Do I Handle an Unreasonable Client?

Choosing the Right Clients

The Impact of a Bad Client

E756: Ask Coach – How Do I Know Who My Ideal Client Is?

Finding the right clients requires constant review and refinement.

E642: The Right Client

Don’t waste time chasing the wrong clients.  

E416: Ask Coach – Dealing With Difficult Client Employees

Take the high road when dealing with difficult managers.   Q: What is the best way to handle a project manager that is doing a bad job? A: First, protect yourself. Second, try to help them improve and/or let the company know.   We run across them from time to time – those difficult people …

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