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May 03

Protect Yourself Against Project Changes

Jun 21

E743: Every Change Has An Impact

Review all changes carefully to avoid missing something.

Aug 24

E528: Proper Field Tracking

Make sure you are capturing the right information from the field.   Tracking activity, conditions, and changes in the field is critical We need the information for tracking purposes Need info for payroll, job costing, materials, billings, changes, extras, and many other things We also need to know what is happening in the field What …

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Jul 06

E493: Good Change Communication Practices

Communicate potential changes quickly and clearly to avoid future misunderstandings. Sorry, there was an upload error on this Coachast. You can listen here.     Communicate potential changes quickly Have clear discussions This is a change and may have an impact It’s our responsibility as Elite Contractors Follow good communication practices 1. Face to Face …

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Jun 22

E483: Managing Project Changes

Changes will happen in construction. Expect them and manage them.   It’s construction, changes will happen The designers can’t include everything Things change during the course of the project Good customers expect changes Elite contractors use changes to shine To handle properly we need to stay on top of it We start with documents and …

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Apr 20

E438: Project Changes Are Opportunities To Shine

Project changes provide us a chance to show our clients why they hired us.   Elite contractors see changes as opportunities Our chance to remind clients why we are the best We handle them properly with Good communication Great documentation Open cooperation Approach changes with a solutions mindset Try to achieve the same result with …

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Feb 11

E128: Change Notification

“Deliver a better construction experience with proper notification and management.” Today we talk about handling project changes.

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