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Aug 01

Handling Minor Impacts as the Project Management Team

Jul 30

Ask Coach – When Do I Charge for Minor Impacts?

May 16

Tracking and Submitting Project Changes

Sep 13

Pricing and Submitting Change Proposals the Right Way

Sep 06

E798: Handling Change Orders the Elite Way

Jun 19

E741: Ask Coach – Change Orders With No Time Extensions

Are your clients forcing you to complete change order work without added time?

Apr 19

E698: Stand Your Ground

Don’t let your clients take advantage of you.  

Apr 12

E693: Communicating About Project Changes

Notifying your client about possible changes helps to eliminate surprises.

Jan 18

E633: Scope Your Change Requests

Ease the change order review process with a detailed scope of work.  

Apr 20

E438: Project Changes Are Opportunities To Shine

Project changes provide us a chance to show our clients why they hired us.   Elite contractors see changes as opportunities Our chance to remind clients why we are the best We handle them properly with Good communication Great documentation Open cooperation Approach changes with a solutions mindset Try to achieve the same result with …

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