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E621: Happy New Year

Let’s make 2017 the best year ever. Happy and prosperous New Year to all.  

E620: New Year’s Eve Rituals

Have some fun New Year’s Eve and follow a couple of rituals.   Create a 2017 reminder card Get an index card or something similar On the front side write your 2017 Theme and your intentions/trajectories On the back write things you want less of on the left and things you want more of on the …

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E619: New Year Theme

Create a theme for how you will shape 2017.   Start the new year with a theme Concept I learned from Randy Gage What are your intentions for the year How will you create the year Keys to a good theme Uplifting and inspiring – reminds you of your why Not relying on outside forces …

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E618: What’s the One Thing

Find the one thing you can focus on every day to move you closer to your goal.   With the new year comes new plans We review and think about improvements we want to make We create a list of things we want to improve We set out in the new year to make changes Be careful …

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E617: Get Organized and Build Some Routines

Start the new year fresh by getting organized this week.   Clear out the clutter and start the new year fresh It’s probably a slow week, take advantage Clean the office / desk / computer Establish a good filing system for your work Build some good routines Set times each week to tackle those important …

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E614: Take Action Items

Focus on completing the tasks not winning the prize.   The process of pyramid goals Start with a vision and drill down to the actions needed We focus on the actions, not the goals Do the work so you can reap the rewards So far this week We worked on vision, goals, and plans to …

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E613: Creating Implementation Plans

Achieve your goals by creating action plans.   The next step in the Pyramid Goal System – Creating the plans   We defined our targets Created our goals and trajectories We have completed the top portion of the pyramid Now – how do we reach the top? Creating the game plan What do you need …

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E612: Setting Goals for 2017

It’s virtually impossible to hit the target when you don’t know where you are aiming.   Step 2 of the Pyramid Goal process – defining the vision with trajectories/goals Start by looking at your visions Example: ABC had a successful financial year in 2017 increasing revenues and profits while focusing on Government contracting. This vision …

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E611: Pyramid Goals & Your Vision

Vision without execution is delusion. – Thomas Edison   This week we are working on creating our plans for 2017. We will be working through the Pyramid Goal process.   Pyramid Goals System Vision Goals & Trajectories Plans and Roadmaps Tasks & Take-Action Steps Start creating your vision Take out your notes from last week …

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