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5 Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

“Improving your emotional intelligence can greatly enhance your leadership abilities.”   In today’s episode, I discuss 5 way to improve your EQ. Get Fast, Simple Funding with OnDeck  ...

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Quality Control is Not the Owner’s Responsibility

“Third-party inspections are there to verify you did your work properly, not to manage your quality control.”   In today’s episode, I discuss the contractor’s responsibility for managing their...

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Go the Extra Mile to Get the Best Pricing for Your Clients

“Assemble the best estimate by capturing all the numbers in the marketplace.”   In today’s episode, I talk about spending the extra time to make sure we have the...

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Ask Coach – How Do I Handle an Employee’s Raise Request?

“Dealing with a raise request takes preparation and tact.”   In today’s episode, I talk about handling an employee’s request for a raise. Get Fast, Simple Funding with OnDeck...

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Life Lessons We Can Learn from GPS Maps

“Focus on the destination of the journey, not the path.”   In today’s episode, I talk about putting our focus on the destination of our journey through life and...

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