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Reorganize Your Goals and Focus

“There is still plenty of time to make 2019 the Best Year Ever.”   In today’s episode, I discuss reorganizing our efforts to achieving our 2019 personal goals.Sign Up...

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Time to Win the Last Quarter of 2019!

“Time to tighten those belts, get up on the wheel and win 2019.”   In today’s episode, I discuss key roles for management and leadership to help close out...

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Plan Your Projects for the Fourth Quarter

“It’s easy for schedules to slip at the end of the year, so let’s plan ahead.”   In today’s episode, I discuss putting in a little extra planning for...

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Wrap Up the Year with a Sales Push

“The end of the year is approaching fast. Have we hit our sales goals?”   In today’s episode, I discuss the limited time left in 2019 and making a...

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Ask Coach – Am I Using the Proper Overhead and Profit Markups?

“Knowing the right markups for profit and overhead takes careful consideration.”   In today’s episode, I discuss understanding and reviewing our profit and overhead markups.Sign Up for the Elite...

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