Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 6 – Create Your Market and Dominate

In today’s bonus episode we review The Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 6 – Create Your Market and Dominate.

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Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 5 – If You Want Value – Give Value

Another bonus episode of The Contracting Coachcast where we continue to review The Elite Contractors Manifesto.

Today we are on Part 5 – If You Want value – Give Value.  Read more to listen now.

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Episode 40 – Mindset of Enthusiasm

“Enthusiasm spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Today we talk about maintaining a mindset of enthusiasm so we can live a prosperous life.

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Episode 39 – Estimate Contingency

Protect your profits with proper estimating and preparing for the unknown.

Today on the Coachcast we discuss using a Profit contingency to help protect your profits.

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Episode 38 – Effective Email Use

“Email is a vehicle for others to impose their agenda upon you. Take back control!”

In today’s episode we talk about using email effectively and properly.

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Episode 37 – Facebook Pages


“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Do you have your Facebook Page working for you?  Are you posting the right stuff?



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Episode 36 Know When to Multitask

“Multitasking is just an illusion, in reality our brain is micro-switching from one task to the other.”

Happy Monday everyone.  As you know, Monday is our organization and time day.  Today we are going to talk about multitasking, but before we dig on I just wanted to get you organized for the rest of the week.  Here is our line up:

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Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 4 – Create Your Culture

In this bonus episode we review Part 4 of the Elite Contractors Manifesto – Create Your Culture, Build Your Culture, Live Your Culture.

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Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 3 – Repeat Work Rules

In this bonus episode I review part #3 of the Elite Contractors Manifesto; Repeat Work Rules.

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Episode 35 – Putting Profits First

“Are you stuck on the cashflow rollercoaster, worrying each week how you will pay the bills and cover payroll? That’s about to change!”


[notice]If you like sleepless nights and constant cashflow struggles – do not listen to this Coachcast[/notice]

Putting Profits First is about making profits a priority in your business.  The #1 rule for Elite Contractors is Profit is the Reason.  So, to become an Elite Contractor we need to make sure the we make profits the #1 priority of our business.  We are not in business to make our suppliers money, if you want to do that become a sales rep for them.

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