Episode 82 – Free Consultations

“Offering a free consultation is a great way to get in front of potential clients.”

Today we talk about setting a free consultation program to engage with potential customers.

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Episode 81 – Organizing Your Calendar

“The next key to achieving your step goals is putting them on your agenda.”

Today we talk about organizing our calendar and planning our days.

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Episode 80 – Getting Back on Course

“When you get off course don’t let it get you down, recognize this is part of the journey and correct course.”

Today we talk about getting back up after we back slide a little.

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Episode 79 – Managing Small Tools

“Having the right tools for the job is a key to a productive workforce.”

Today we discuss managing a small tools program.

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Episode 78 – Contract Document Log

“A contract document log is a key tool for keeping drawings and documents organized.”

Today we talk about maintaining a contract document log.

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Episode 77 – Pre-Sales Planning

“An effective pre-sales effort will help keep your sales pipeline full with qualified leads.”

On today’s Coachcast we review the importance of engaging with potential clients before they are ready to buy.

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Episode 76 – Organizing Contract Drawings

“Maintain accurate contract drawings to avoid conflict and costly mistakes.”

Today we review maintaining our construction drawings.

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Episode 75 – Setting Personal Goals

“In order to achieve your goals they must align with your core values.”

On today’s Coachcast we review setting our personal goals for 2015.

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Episode 74 – Setting Company Goals

“Lasting improvement comes from making small, consistent changes that lead the way towards huge results.”

Today we take a look at setting 2015 goals for you company.

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Episode 73 – Project Management Goals

“As we look at improving our project management we need to be sure to cover the 3 key stages.”

Today we look at setting goals for improving our project management.

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