E165: Profitability

“Profitability is a fundamental part of our business and requires our full attention.”

Are you focusing on the right things?

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E164: The Safety Lifestyle

“Our company culture should have safety at its core.”

Is your safety program stuck in the 80s?

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E163: Drawing Gaps and Conflicts

“All drawing sets have gaps and conflicts, manage them to our advantage.”

Are you controlling your projects?

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E162: Our Company Blog

“Blogging is a great tool for connecting with clients and building our brand.”

Have you taken advantage of this tool?

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E161: Organizing Estimating

“Build successful estimating habits with good upfront planning.”

Do you have an estimating playbook?

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E160: Eating Healthy

“Proper diet will boost our energy levels and raise our spirits so why not eat well?”

How do you manage your diet?

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E159: Leading Company Culture

“Managing our company culture is an important role of our management teams..”

Are you setting the right examples?

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E158: The Right Subcontractors

“Finding the right subcontractors protects us from unwanted struggles down the road.”

How do you pre-qualify your subcontractors?

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E157: Pipeline Review

“Our pipeline is the heart of our business so let’s give it some attention.”

How is your project pipeline?

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E156: First Quarter Review

“It’s the last full week of the first quarter, let’s prepare for our review.”

Next week it’s time to review where we are with our 2015 plans.

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