Lead Generation Domination

Dominate Local Lead Generation

Are you tired of wasting time on dead-end leads?

Are you sick of sharing leads with 4 other contractors?


  • Sharing leads with multiple contractors
  • Getting leads for people who are not ready to buy
  • Paying ridiculous fees to third-party sites


Create a steady flow of strong leads and close more business.

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Active Buyers

Target the ideal clients that are ready to buy your services now.

Direct Calls

Potential customers call you directly. No more forms or multiple contractors.

Your Leads

Buyers contact you directly so you own the lead. Leads are not sold to multiple contractors.

Local Lead Generation Domination

The local lead generation domination is a lead generating process designed to help contractors get qualified leads that are ready to buy. The program taps into the booming mobile search market and uses strategies to get your ads placed in the top search results. 

Top placement alone is not enough to generate great leads. By taking the additional step of creating ads that prompt the prospect to “Call Now” helps to sort out the real buyers from the tire-kickers. Let’s face, someone looking for ideas on remodeling their kitchen is not going to take the time to actually call someone. They just want to visit some websites. When buyers are ready to place an immediate call, they are ready to buy.

The system works for almost all home service contractors. Any business that sells services directly to the customer can benefit from our lead generation system. All programs are designed specifically for each contractor so that we can target the ideal clients and create a steady flow of leads.

Turn on the lead generation domination system for your business and start taking calls for more work today.

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We will also share our tips and ideas on how to market to customers during the 3 Phases of Buying.