“Hire new employees based on cultural fit not skill sets.”

Today we talk about considering the cultural fit of new hires first then skills second.

Skills are important but cultural fit should be considered first. Skills can be learned. Sure, we want to make sure that the applicant has the basic skills to qualify for the opening but once they make the initial cut the second review should be cultural fit.

I would prefer a new hire with a great attitude and willingness to learn over a seasoned veteran with a poor attitude and I am sure you would too. When we are hiring new people we need to make sure that they have the right values and attitude to fit within the corporate culture we are creating and nurturing.

We work very hard to develop our brand and present our culture, don’t throw it away with a bad seed. It takes a lot to overcome a bad experience, especially when the experience is a breach of your values. Our customers understand when an employee has a bad day or makes a mistake but if a new hire does something against your culture it’s not overlooked so easily. Make sure that your new hire fit.

To qualify our new hires we need to understand what our cultural values are and what we want in our employees. Look at some of your top performers and understand their key values to help you fine tune this. With the understanding of what you want in an applicant you can now develop some questions that will gie you an indication of where they stand on particular topics. Be sure to develop an answer key by asking your current employees the same questions to get a guide of what the answers should look like. Now you can properly rate your applicants based on their cultural fit and make an educated decision when hiring.

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Now that you understand how to hire within your culture we need to take the proper steps in making that happen and keeping the culture growing. To do this we need to reverse the norm in hiring. Construction often follows the hire fast, fire slow pattern when it comes to employees. We hire whoever we can and think that we can train them. By thinking that we can train them we invest time and energy in developing their skills which ultimately makes it hard to fire them. This is extremely detrimental to your organization and needs to reverse. You need to start hiring slow and firing fast. When you are considering candidates for a new position be sure to put in the work. Make sure they are the right person. In addition, explain to all new hires that you take your company’s cultural fit seriously and if they do not fit you will let them go early on to avoid wasting their time. You will let them move on so that they can find a company that is the right fit. Follow through with this promise and review all new hires and don’t wait to let them go. If they are not fitting in, that will not change.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Understand the values and qualities that best fit your company

  2. Develop some questions to give you insight in these areas

  3. Create an answer key for these questions using your existing employees

  4. Rate your new applicants based on fit before skills

  5. Hire slow and fire fast!


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