“Create a Focus Priority to help guide your project teams to success.”

On today’s Coachcast we talk about setting project team priorities.


The top things that your project teams focus on every day; safety, quality, production, profitability, client satisfaction, etc.


To effectively communicate to your teams what is important on this project.


  1. Setting Priorities
    1. Let your team know what is important on this project
    2. This should match with your corporate culture but sometimes there are other factors
    3. Should focus around what is important to you client
  2. Assigning Responsibility
    1. During the planning process create a responsibility matrix for these priorities
    2. Assign a secondary responsible person as well
    3. Trickle down to the staff and other team members
  3. Focus Priority
    1. One priority that would make the others happen as well – Client Satisfaction
      1. To please the client  you would have to watch quality, safety, paperwork, costs, schedule, etc.
    2. This Focus Priority acts as a driver for the entire project and how people will react/act
    3. This is Client Satisfaction – this will guide your team in doing the things that make your project successful

All teams need some guidance on the project priorities, let’s make them awesome.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Set project priorities

  2. Assign responsibility

  3. Set a Focus Priority


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