“Over communicate your way to successful projects and lasting relationships.”

Today we review the importance of great communication.

We all know that communication is a cornerstone to a successful project yet we don’t always communicate well. This is an example of common sense is not always common practice.


Communicating openly and clearly to your project teams and stakeholders.


You won’t hear too many people ever say you told me too much information about the project. Being a great communicator will build lasting relationships with your clients, subcontractors, A/Es, suppliers and team members.


Recognize the importance of communication and be a great communicator. You should strive to over communicate to the point of almost becoming annoying.

Build a habit of discussing open topics with people at each encounter. To help remember topics that need to be discussed use index cards for each person and keep a list of current topics on each person’s card. Review prior to any meetings or encounters with them so that you can re-visit open topics.

Review open items regularly and follow-up on things with people. Don’t wait until a deadline has passed to ask someone about something. Remind them of the approaching deadline well before and follow-up until the task is complete.

Work hard at becoming a great communicator, the results will be amazing.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Make communication a priority

  2. Create topic lists for each person that you need to communicate with

  3. Follow-up


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