Elite Contractors Manifesto

All businesses are created to solve a problem. To succeed, a business must solve that problem better than others. Elite Contractors solve the problem better than the rest.

Profits build economies, economies build communities, communities build character; it is the duty of the Elite to keep the wheels turning. Elite Contractors make a profit for what they do but not at the expense of others.

Businesses become their own force that functions in strict accordance to the culture that has been built within it. Create a culture that fits; educate and build your culture into all that you do and make your culture part of the everyday existence of your company and all it does.

To grow your value, give more value. It’s a value for value exchange in business. If you want to increase the value you receive then you must increase the value you give.

Understand the problems your business solves and solve them better than the rest. Your market is more than the contracts you execute, the by-products of your daily activities are what defines and develops your market.

As an Elite Contractor you conduct your business to provide the best impact to all stakeholders, recognizing that stakeholders are everywhere from clients to the public. Work daily to improve the value you provide stakeholders.

Elite Contractors understand the importance of communicating. Communicate clearly and openly with you customers, team members, and stakeholders. Build within your culture the belief that open and honest communication is a cornerstone to success.

Provide solutions with everything you do. When presenting problems or concerns always provide stakeholders with solutions to the problems they are facing.

Study your project, learn your project and understand your project. The client hired a professional and expects you to know the project. Create project champions that know the project better than anyone else.

To be successful we must manage our projects, clients, teams, and stakeholders. As an Elite Contractor you need to manage and track all aspects surrounding your business.

Elite Contractors recognize that quality is measured in many ways, not just by how good the end product functions. Quality of relationships, delivery, packaging, communication, interaction, and so on matters and is part of the overall quality of the project experience. Deliver an Elite experience.

To provide elite service, contractors need to continually educate. From clients, employees, vendors, to the public we must continually educate the stakeholders that we interact with. Constant improvement builds our culture to an elite status.

To be part of the Elite crowd remember to always do what’s right no matter who may or may not be watching. Teams should ask themselves, “Would I proudly tell the world about this?” before making decisions.

Elite Contractors understand the value of familiarity and respect.