E557: Bid Less to Win More

Bid strategically to win more work.


  1. What’s your bidding approach?
    1. Bid a lot of jobs in hopes to win some
    2. Bid strategic jobs knowing you will win
    3. The best approach is to bid less
  2. Bid fewer jobs so you can win more of your bids
    1. In racing they say slow down to go faster – the same applies here
    2. If you bid too many projects at a time then the numbers are not accurate
      1. You often win when you make a mistake
    3. Take your time and bid fewer projects to have more accurate estimates
  3. Start winning more of your bids
    1. Bid on the right projects with the right clients
    2. Invest the time in each estimate to be accurate and realistic
    3. Be strategic about what bids you entertain

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