Take control of your suppliers with great communication and clear expectations.


Q: How can I get better control over my suppliers?

A: It starts with a good Purchase Order and excellent communication.


  1. Suppliers can make or break a project
    1. Late deliveries versus on-time
    2. Material problems like damaged product or wrong product
    3. Poor submittals
  2. Start by pre-qualifying your suppliers
    1. Just like any sub we should make sure our suppliers are up to the job
    2. Can they handle your needs
    3. Is this something they do regularly
  3. Write a good purchase order
    1. Always use a PO – your own not theirs
    2. Create a template
    3. Outline the requirements including expected durations
  4. Communication beats all
    1. Start communicating your requirements clearly during the buyout
    2. Keep them up to date with clear timelines
    3. Follow-up with them, never think that they have you covered, confirm it

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