E484: Employee Development

To build an elite business we must create elite teams.


  1. To develop an elite organization we have to develop our workforce
    1. We do things differently – we need to train our people on how we do it
    2. Create a culture of development and advancement
    3. You can’t expect your employees to perform at a peak level if you don’t train them
  2. The first step is education and training
    1. Not just the basics like safety and company policy, we need to develop their skills too
    2. On the job training works great but needs to be structured
    3. Add in seminars and courses to help them in al areas
  3. Mentoring is a great way to develop your employees
    1. Develop a mentoring program for your business
    2. Every employee should have a mentor (the mentor should not be their boss)
    3. Ths mentor should coach them and guide them through their development
    4. A good program should have:
      1. Planned meetings
      2. Scheduled reviews and accountability
      3. Chances to shadow the mentor

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