E473: Improving Project Productivity

Productivity improvement is a natural result of proper planning and tracking.


  1. Plan out all key tasks
    1. To be productive we have to plan
    2. Plan the who, what, when, where and how
      1. As a Project Manager / Business Owner it’s your job to make sure your teams have the tools they need
    3. Communicate your plans
  2. Tracking and benchmarking triggers the improvement process
    1. If you want to improve something you have to measure it
      1. “What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
    2. Measure and track key tasks – don’t over complicate the process
    3. Establish benchmarks and work as a team to improve
  3. Start with the fundamentals and go from there
    1. If you do the first two things properly, productivity will naturally improve
    2. Make further strides by working with your teams and setting clear expectations of improvement
      1. Let you teams now that Status Quo is not what we are looking for
    3. Introduce gamification – create friendly competition – get everyone involved – they will enjoy it and get a sense of pride when they best their previous numbers

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