Don’t let drawing conflicts and clarifications derail your projects.



  1. Drawing conflicts and clarifications occur, embrace them
    1. It’s part of the construction process and is often dictated by budgets
    2. The design team cannot include every little detail
    3. It’s our job to bring our expertise to complete the project
  2. We are the experts and that is why we got hired
    1. We are hired to manage the construction using our knowledge
      1. This is the journey that we take with our clients
    2. These opportunities are our chances to shine and show why they hired us
    3. Handle these better than the rest
  3. Be proactive in your approach
    1. Do constructability reviews
      1. Conduct them in the estimating process, during pre-construction and during your preparatory meetings
    2. Don’t just point our problems, provide your interpretation and solutions
    3. Be the Captain of your projects

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