E423: Tracking Project Productivity

To successfully meet our schedules we must monitor and adjust productivity.


  1. Putting a target on paper is just the start
    1. If you plan to finish a task by next Friday you can’t wait until Thursday to determine if you are going to make it
    2. You have to monitor and track progress along the way
    3. This allows for adjustments
  2. To stay on schedule you have to track the productivity
    1. Many projects get into crisis mode as the time runs low for a task because they didn’t track things along the way
    2. Want to complete a task by next Friday then figure out how much needs to get done each day
    3. I am taking a course that I want to complete in 3 weeks, I sat down this morinng and outlined how much I need to do every day to reach my goal – do the same for your project tasks
  3. Putting it into practice
    1. Start with a good 3-week look-ahead schedule
    2. Choose a couple of key tasks that will drive the schedule
    3. Based on the task, determine the best way to track it – SF / LF / Rooms / Areas
    4. Start tracking the first day – make adjustments along the way to be sure and reach your milestones

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