E394: The Importance Of Happy Employees

“Look after your staff first and the rest will follow.” – Richard Branson


  1. We are in a service business – like it or not
    1. Customer service is a key to success
    2. Everyone is a sales rep
    3. People prefer working with happy people
    4. All of these are improved with happy employees
  2. Good morale boosts productivity
    1. Studies show happy people are more productive
    2. Happy people will go the extra mile
    3. Happy people will promote and grow your company
  3. Make your employees happy – it’s not that hard
    1. First thing – people need security – they need to know they can provide for themselves and families
    2. Second – employees like to know they can grow with your company
    3. Communication – be open with communication with your employees about the company and give thanks for their efforts
    4. Rally around a cause – people are happier when fighting for a good cause
      1. Build a culture where everyone is working towards a common goal against a common enemy
        1. The common enemy can be things like errors, unhappy clients, poor treatment

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