Project closeout can drag your project down if not handled properly.


Q: Can you give me some ideas on how to speed up the closeout of a project?

A: Allow for it in your original schedule and make it a priority.


  1. Project closeout
    1. The finish of the work
    2. The completion of the punchlist and inspections
    3. Submission of final paperwork
  2. Make closeout a priority
    1. Put closeout in your baseline schedule
      1. Then create a separate schedule when you start closing out
    2. Give closeout as much effort as you do with the planning in the beginning
      1. Start at 50% planning your cloeout
    3. Get a focused team effort
  3. Some things that will help
    1. Create a special schedule for the final bit of work and the closeout
    2. Perform pre-punch mock-ups
      1. Have the client review a finished product and give their feedback
    3. Start collecting the paperwork early



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