E385: Learn By Reading Books And Magazines

Keep learning and growing by reading books and magazines.


  1. We want to continue to learn
    1. Keep your mind open to learning
    2. Improve your knowledge of things (work and play)
    3. Make a commitment to read more
  2. What it does for us
    1. Keeps our minds sharp
    2. Builds discipline
    3. May learn that next thing
  3. Don’t think you have enough time? Make time
    1. Turn off the TV and read for 30 minutes
    2. Read before going to bed
    3. Order trade magazines in print form and keep them around to skim through when you have a few minutes
    4. Use audio books, app books and hardcopy so that I have many ways to consume books
      1. Audio when driving, walking, etc.
      2. Read on your phone if you are waiting in line
    5. I am usually reading 3 to 5 books at a time

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