E369: Building An Elite Culture

Motivate your teams by building an elite culture in your organization.


Today we talk about 5 key tips to building an elite culture in your organization.

  1. Give people a purpose
    1. Militaries do a great job of motivating people – why? One key thing – they have a purpose
    2. Wikipedia was created with volunteer writers – why? They joined in the purpose of providing access to knowledge
    3. Make your purpose support your product and create a mission
  2. Recognition and advancement
    1. Give people recognition for their contribution – large or small
    2. Provide for advancement – not just monetary rewards
  3. Educate and coach
    1. Provide people with a way to learn more
    2. Help them in their efforts
  4. Set the example and lead
    1. Be sure you live and breathe your product
    2. Get your management to do the same
  5. Communicate
    1. Communicate everything
    2. People can’t do what they don’t know

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