E368: Project Communication Plans

Develop project communication plans to keep everyone informed properly.



  1. Communication is key to a successful project
    1. We all know how important good communication is yet often fail to communicate enough
    2. There are many levels to consider, Owner/Client/Team/Suppliers/Subs/Public
    3. People cannot perform if they don’t know what’s expected
  2. Good communication needs a plan
    1. Who is responsible for what?
      1. Who talks to the client about changes
      2. Who talks with subs/suppliers about the schedule
      3. Who talks with the public
    2. Develop a plan
      1. It can be a simple matrix with
        1. Intended recipient
        2. Who is responsible
        3. How often / how fast
        4. Medium of communication
    3. Share your plan with project stakeholders
  3. Consider technology solutions
    1. Email is dead – try Slack
      1. Be sure to still use email formal communications
    2. A project management / task management system
    3. File sharing solutions

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