E363: Project Safety Commitment

Construction topped the list for worker fatalities in 2014. It’s time to change that!

  1. It’s time for a wake-up call
    1. Construction leads in poor worker safety – it shouldn’t
    2. It’s hard to find workers
    3. It will only get worse if we don’t do something
  2. I want to challenge my Elite Contractors
    1. Make 2016 a safe year
    2. Make a commitment to do better every day
    3. Put safety as a priority on all projects – make it part of your company DNA
  3. Build a safe culture
    1. Instill safety in everything you do
    2. Some easy things to help with safety
      1. Get people to start asking “Would you let you child do that?”
      2. Provide job specific orientation for all workers on every project
      3. Conduct pre-installation meetings with safety as one of the topics
      4. Develop job specific checklists for daily safety inspections
    3. Use technology to take it a step further
      1. Sign up  for a texting service and send texts to people reminding them about safety
      2. Get a company app where you can send push notifications
      3. Both options can cost less than $150 per month
      4. (if you are interested in either of these options, send me an email at TonyB@ContractingCoach.com

Join me in my challenge to make 2016 a safe year by putting safety at the top of your project priorities.


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