All contractors manage projects differently. What’s your style?

  1. Project management comes in all different styles
    1. From bare minimum to micro-management
    2. Reacting to the client to leading the client
    3. On top of things to putting out fires
  2. It comes down to what people say about your projects
    1. How do you want people to recognize your efforts
      1. They did a good job, but….
      2. They were fair but hard to deal with
      3. They were great, flexible and very helpful
    2. This will depend some on your clients and project types – sub or prime
    3. This directly relates to your product
  3. Build your style
    1. Create a culture based on how you want to PM
    2. Guide and train your staff
    3. Hire people that fit

Take a look at how your firm manages projects. Is it what you strive for? If not, make adjustments.


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