E306: Ask Coach – Hiring New Employees

Promote from within whenever possible to help build and nurture your company culture.

Q: Can you provide us with some ideas on hiring new employees?

A: First look inside and train up then hire new employees for entry level positions. If you have to hire outside here are some tips.


  1. Internal first – we should always try to train existing employees for advancement before hiring outside
    1. They already know your culture and values
    2. Give other employees hope for advancement
    3. Shows you care about your employees
  2. When going outside
    1. There are a lot of ways to attract candidates – job boards, headhunters, competition, friends, etc.
      1. Always start with your network and your employee’s networks
    2. Don’t rely on just the resume
      1. Resumes contain fluff – do your research and ask questions
    3. Hire for proper fit not skills
      1. You can teach skills but you can’t teach attitude and beliefs
    4. Do an assignment
      1. Hire your top candidates for a day to complete a specific task like creating a schedule or budget
    5. Hire Slow – Fire Fast

Key Questions:

  1. Are you looking to hire in the near future?

  2. Do you have a hiring plan?

  3. How can you find the best candidates?

Take-Action Items:

  1. If you are hiring create a plan

  2. Hire for fit and train advanced skills

  3. Fire fast


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