Aug 06

E254: Insurance Coverage – Your Safety Net

Do you have the proper insurance coverage for your operations?


  1. Importance of insurance
    1. The usual – minor accidents, theft, damage, etc.
    2. Catastrophic issues
    3. Protection from others – lawsuits, etc.
  2. Construction has a lot of added parts and uniqueness
    1. Different parts of coverage like Auto / Inland Marine / Completed Opps / E&O / Etc.
    2. There are also riders people request and you should get as well
    3. Do you have the right carriers?
  3. Navigate the minefield
    1. Don’t go it alone – unless you are just starting out, seek out an experienced agent
    2. Get an agent that really understands construction
    3. Do a full audit of your operations to make sure you are covered, check annually

Key Questions:

  1. When was the last time you checked your insurance?

  2. Does your agent know construction?

  3. Are you covered properly?

Take-Action Items:

  1. If you can’t answer yes to the opening question then get an audit done

  2. Find an agent that knows construction

  3. Contact me if you need any help with this