E227: Social Media Roundup P7 – Conclusion

Social media is becoming the leading place for people to learn about your business. Get on it!

This is the final episode of our social media mini-series. Today we recap what we talked about.

  1. Why people use SM
    1. Connect with brands
    2. Get feedback from others – influencers
    3. Learn about things, get knowledge and stay current
  2. Key Objectives
    1. Share knowledge to build trust
    2. Engage to build relationships
    3. Support customers to elevate the experience
  3. Dos and don’ts
    1. DO: Take advantage of social media Рget on  and engage
    2. DON’T: Just brag and ask people to hire you – remember to Jab
    3. DO: Go where your customers are

Social media is here to stay and it is the future of search. Get on board or get left behind.

Key Questions:

  1. Are you using Social Media?

  2. Are you in the right places? Saying the right things?

  3. How can you improve?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get on board Рpick a platform and jump in

  2. Engage – don’t just lurk, engage

  3. Build relationships



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