E222: Social Media P6 – Customer Support

Use social media for customer support for added benefits.

In Part 6 of our social media mini-series we talk about the third objective of using social media to improve customer support.

  1. Customer service and assistance
    1. Brands monitor social media and use it to help support customers
    2. Use social media to present calls to action to prospective customers – give them a little nudge
    3. Provide customers with answers to common questions
  2. Combine social and web
    1. The best approach is using your website and social media
    2. Facebook pages are a great tool for sharing information that supports your customers and links to website
    3. Be accessible in all areas so customers can contact you where they feel comfortable – don’t force someone on Twitter to got to Facebook
  3. Some ideas to help
    1. Add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your web and FB page
    2. Provide some checklists / task list for customer on how to engage with you
    3. Give them ways to share their stories

Using social media to help your customers not only makes it easy for them to reach you but it also leaves a lasting record that may help future customers.

Key Questions:

  1. How do you handle customer service now?

  2. How can you blend social media into your customer service?

  3. What are some common questions / issues with clients?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Set up some FAQs

  2. Engage with your customers on social media to offer support

  3. Steer the conversation


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