E217: Social Media Roundup P5 – Engagement

Engagement si the most important part of social media strategy, yet so many miss the mark.

  1. What is engagement
    1. Dialog with other SMers
    2. It is not “Likes” and “RT”s only
    3. It’s adding your take when sharing
    4. It’s talking with people and commenting
  2. This is where
    1. The window shoppers walk in the door (your window display is the content you share)
    2. People will follow you and it’s your chance to make them remember you
    3. You build your reputation and relationships
  3. The approach
    1. Always be true to the platforms – use the platforms correctly
    2. Don’t be a pushy salesperson – take you time before telling someone “Buy from me”
    3. Don’t use auto-responders – that is not engagement
      1. If, how and what you automate is up to you but setting up auto-responders to follows / likes is not engagement

Engagement is the secret sauce for getting an ROI on your social media efforts. To master it, be you and keep at it.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Start engaging

  2. Follow some of the leaders in SM

  3. Engage your audience


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