May 12

E192: Targeting New Clients

Do your homework and target the right clients when seeking out new business.

Are you focusing on the right prospects?

  1. Characteristics
    1. Identify your ideal clients
    2. Research where you’ve been successful
    3. Use key traits to develop your target avatars
  2. Corporate Culture Fit
    1. Are they the same key traits as your culture?
    2. Do core values align
    3. People always prefer to work with like-minded people
  3. Zeroing In
    1. Research potential clients for a good fit
    2. Rate them and chase the leaders
    3. Focus in on a plan and implement it

Acquiring new customers is an expensive proposition, no need wasting resources on the wrong clients.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Determine the ideal clients

  2. Compare to your culture

  3. Research and target the right prospects