E187: Become a Subject Matter Expert

Being a subject matter expert boosts your business and your brand.

Yes, you are a subject matter expert!

  1. What is a SME?
    1. Someone recognized to have knowledge and answers in a specific subject
    2. Someone who knows a particular trade / skill / subject better than someone else
    3. Someone that gained knowledge/skills through training, experience, learning and practice
  2. We are allSMEs to someone
    1. Recognize that contractors are hired because we are SMEs in our trade
    2. Be responsible with your SME duties
    3. Use your expertise to boost your brand
  3. Continue to learn
    1. Maintain your SME status or lose out – continue to learn
    2. Best way to show your expertise is to teach what you learn
    3. Make a difference to others and gain the respect of being a SME

Recognize the importance of being a subject matter expert and teach your project teams so it’s part of your brand.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Embrace being a subject matter expert

  2. Continue to learn

  3. Teach others what you know



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