E164: The Safety Lifestyle

“Our company culture should have safety at its core.”

Is your safety program stuck in the 80s?

Safety in construction needs to catch up with other industries if we want to attract young people into the industry. It’s time for an update.

  1. Old school methods
    1. Rules and oversight
    2. Boring classes with handouts and tests
    3. Warning notices for violations
  2. A new way
    1. We still need rules, procedures and oversight
    2. Safety is a lifestyle
      1. Look at the majority of employees that work at industrial facilities – safety is just part of their life
        1. These are the folks you see wearing safety glasses when mowing the lawn
    3. It involves everyone, 24/7
    4. Learning needs to be interactive, engaging and creative
  3. Some aspects of a good program
    1. Show employees you really care
      1. Employees spend more time off the job – show them you care by teaching home safety too
        1. Give away PPE for home use
    2. Provide learning options – take advantage of manufactures and suppliers efforts
    3. Recognize the performers

Make safety part of the lifestyle of your employees by building a strong company culture with safety at its core.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your current safety program

  2. Get it updated to 2015

  3. Make safety a way of life for employees


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