“Finding the right subcontractors protects us from unwanted struggles down the road.”

How do you pre-qualify your subcontractors?

  1. Pre-qualification
    1. Do you have a system? Get one.
    2. At minimum a spreadsheet with key data like insurance, revenue, project size, bonding, etc.
    3. Have approval guidelines for awarding subcontracts
  2. The right fit
    1. Subcontractors are extensions of our brand – make sure they fit
    2. Interview them to make sure
    3. Are they someone you want to grow with?
  3. Tracking and advancing
    1. You need to track their performance
    2. Just like our clients – build to strategic partners
    3. Work at building trust and understanding

Managing subcontractors is a part of our business and a glimpse into our company culture, be sure to do it right.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Create a pre-qualification system

  2. Review your current subcontractors

  3. Monitor and track subcontractors

  4. Create strategic partnerships


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