E154: Employee Training

“It’s important to show our employees we care by investing in their future.”

Are you leading your employee’s on the right career path?

  1. Why we train
    1. Introduce our company culture and procedures
    2. Provide understanding of the job
    3. Nurture our employees – people want to advance and grow – we need to support that
  2. What we train
    1. The basics – safety / company procedures / culture
    2. Job related skills enhancement
    3. Complimentary skills – things that help them but not directly related to skills of the job like time management / sales / communication
  3. Things to consider
    1. Make it fun and exciting
    2. Don’t blanket train – each person should have their own curriculum
    3. Welcome feedback and interaction

Employee training done correctly builds a company culture that makes people excited to be a part of it all.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get a formalized training program

  2. Build individual curriculum

  3. Invest in people


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