“What tools do you use to keep track of things in the field?”

Today we look at tracking field issues.


  1. Tracking field items
    1. Tracking is an important way to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks
    2. There are many things to track from quality issues to production to changes
    3. What take priority?
  2. Get it right
    1. Set your priorities during the planning process
    2. Identify key risks, factors, and indicators
    3. Be sure to track the right aspects – if tracking Quantity/Day does hours/day matter?
  3. Use Systems
    1. We have to develop the proper systems to make tracking work
    2. Could be lists, spreadsheets, applications or combination of all
    3. Make it easy to use – KISS principle applies here

This is an important thing to get right, too complicated and it doesn’t get done. Too simple it it’s a waste of time. Take some time to see what works.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your current tracking systems

  2. Make improvements needed

  3. Track it and inspect it


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