“Educating our customers is a key step in building lasting relationships.”

Are you training your teams to teach your customers?

  1. The customer is not always right
    1. They hired us – so that’s a great start
    2. Why did they hire us? Our construction expertise
    3. They need an expert to support them and educate them
  2. We are the educators
    1. It’s our job to explain and educate
    2. Present good, solid information with plenty of back-up
    3. Always be there and willing to answer questions in detail
  3. It starts in the beginning
    1. Be clear about scope, contracts and processes
    2. Communicate openly and don’t be afraid to say we need an expert opinion
    3. Build trust through being authentic an honest

Building a habit of educating our customers will build strong relationships that continue to come back to us for their construction needs.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Be sure the company culture embraces educating our clients

  2. Operate openly and transparent


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