“Conduct a thorough estimate review during your project planning.”

Are you conducting an estimate review during the project planning process?

  1. Project planning
    1. Successful projects start with proper planning
    2. Review and prepare – estimates / proposals / marketing initiative / schedule
    3. Find and address challenges
  2. Estimate review is critical
    1. Estimator and project team need to review together
    2. Understand the estimator’s game plan – method to the madness
    3. Get a thorough data dump
  3. Key aspects to review
    1. Labor, equipment, material and subcontracting plans and metrics
    2. The overall conceptual plan and schedule
    3. Areas of vulnerability

Be sure that you teams are conducting thorough estimate reviews during the planning process to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Review your current process and update

  2. Outline the hand-off process

  3. Create a process for tracking and feedback


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