E138: Change Order Proposals

“Develop a change order proposal template that will make your submissions easier.”

Let’s look at what we should include with our change order proposal.


The formal submittal of a change order request and what to include.


The better information we provide the easier the process is and preparing ahead of time will help deliver that luxury construction experience.


  1. What to include
    1. A cover letter – summary
    2. Supporting documentation – RFIs, Scope of Change, pricing breakdowns, etc.
    3. alternate solutions
  2. Details of each section
    1. Cover letter
      1. 5 parts – Summary, cost, schedule impact, alternates and call to action
    2. Back up
      1. What created the change – RFIs, sketches, etc.
      2. Change scope document
      3. Cost breakdowns including sub quotes and material quotes
    3. Alternate solutions
      1. Details on any proposed alternates
  3. Things to consider
    1. The more information the better – know what your client needs
    2. Set the stage prior to the proposal submission with our notices
    3. Include important timelines

Develop the template ahead of time so your teams have an outline to use when submitting a change proposal.

Take-Action Items:

  1. Develop a change order proposal template

  2. Include

    1. Cover Letter

    2. Supporting Documentation

    3. Alternate Solutions – if applicable

  3. Be Transparent


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