Episode 17 – Change Order Communication

Today I dig into how we communicate with our clients when we discuss change orders.  We discuss building trust and clearly communicating with our clients to ease the pain surrounding change orders.

Episode 16 Organization and Routines

In today’s episode I talk about getting organized and setting up routines that will allow you to work more efficiently and get more done in a shorter period of time.  We all need more time and these tips will help you take control of your time and lower that stress needle.

Contracting Coach

Construction Industry Are You Ready To Change?

What does BMW, Lexus and other luxury auto companies have to do with construction?

This is a bonus episode of The Contracting Coachcast where I talk about the need for change in the construction industry.  We all recognize that there are some challenges in the industry but yet we don’t really make strides to correct them.  In this episode I contemplate what those changes need to be and ask why we are not willing to make them.

Episode 15 – Take Action


Happy TGIF Elite Contractors Nation.  Today we are talking about taking action.  We need to start taking action today and making changes as we continue our journey to building an Elite contracting career or business.

(Sorry about the background noise, I was recording from my hotel room – noisy neighbors)

Episode 14 Subcontract Templates

Save time and reduce risk with standard subcontract and purchase order templates on today’s episode of The Contractors Coachcast.