Episode 48 – Managing Materials

“Properly managing project materials can boost your bottom line.”

On today’s Coachcast we look at the importance of managing the full life cycle of materials on our projects.

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Episode 47 – Proposal Templates

“The proposal is the last impression your potential customers get of your business – make it a good one.”
On today’s Coachcast we talk about building a winning proposal template for your proposals.

Episode 46 – Automating Your Processes

“Automated processes can save you time and money on your projects.”
Today we talk about setting up some automated processes to trigger reminders and follow-ups.

Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 7 – Put Stakeholders First

In this bonus Elite Contractors Manifesto episode we review point #7 – Put Stakeholders First.


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Episode 45 – Facing Your Fears

“Waiting to develop courage is another form of procrastination.”
On today’s Coachcast we talk about facing our fears and taking action while you are afraid.

Episode 44 – Managing Your Clients

“Managing your client is an important part of building a successful business.”
Today on the Coachcast we discuss the importance of managing your client. We mean managing, not manipulating!

Episode 43 – Daily Project Reports

“Keeping an accurate accounting of project activity can make the difference between success and failure when things go wrong”
On today’s Coachcast we discuss the importance of keeping accurate daily reports and project notes.

Episode 42 – Managing Sales Calls

“There is an increasing trend of people wanting to receive phone calls when they want them – let’s respect that”
On today’s Coachcast we look into the importance of properly managing your sales calls. Read on and listen to the Coachcast.

Episode 41 – Managing Social Media

Social Media provides the best ROI for your marketing dollars in the world today but how do you find the time to fit it in?
Managing your social media efforts using a good plan and smart tools on today’s Coachcast.
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