Episode 75 – Setting Personal Goals

“In order to achieve your goals they must align with your core values.”

On today’s Coachcast we review setting our personal goals for 2015.

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Episode 74 – Setting Company Goals

“Lasting improvement comes from making small, consistent changes that lead the way towards huge results.”

Today we take a look at setting 2015 goals for you company.

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Episode 73 – Project Management Goals

“As we look at improving our project management we need to be sure to cover the 3 key stages.”

Today we look at setting goals for improving our project management.

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Episode 72 – Marketing Goals

“Are you putting your marketing efforts in the right places, where you customers are?”

Today we look at setting some goals for our marketing in 2015.

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Episode 71 – Organizing Your Goals

“Set goals that move you and your company closer to your vision every day.”

Let’s talk about setting and organizing the right goals to get you moving towards your vision.

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Episode 70 – Building the Belief

“Once you have decided on your journey the next critical step is believing you can get there.”

Today we discuss building our belief that we can succeed.

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Episode 69 – Evolving Employee Benefits

“Your employee benefits must attract and retain the best talent while aligning with your company culture.”

On today’s Coachcast we discuss employee benefits and fitting with current times.

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Episode 68 – Working Together

“True leaders work hard at elevating the entire team in pursuit of a common goal.”

Today we talk about teamwork and collaboration with the entire project team not just your company team.

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Episode 67 – Your Company Website

“Is your website sending the right message to perspective customers?”

On the Coachcast today we take a look at your company website.

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Episode 66 – Planning the Journey

“You can’t build a house without a plan, so why build your career or business without one?”

On today’s Coachcast we look at the importance of planning your journey.

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