Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 11 – Manage Manage Manage Manage

Part 11 in The Elite Contractors Manifesto series discussing the importance of managing more than just your projects.

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Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 10 – Know Your Project

Another bonus episode in The Elite Contractors Manifesto series. In this episode we discuss Point 11 – Know Your Project.

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Episode 60 – Finding Clarity

“To reach success one must be clear on their personal definition of success.”
Today we talk about finding clarity in what we want to achieve.

Episode 59 – Determining Your Marketing ROI

“Determine you marketing return on investment so you can focus your efforts.”

Today we review calculating your marketing ROI and making improvements.

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Episode 58 – Team Building

“Building efficient and committed teams leads to successful project and better returns.”

On today’s Coachcast we review the importance of building high performing teams.

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Episode 57 – Building Referral Systems

“Build a good referral system and keep those referrals coming in.”

Today we talk about the importance of building a good referral system.

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Episode – 56 – Project Pre-Planning – Contract Risks

“Start your projects on the right track with proper pre-planning.”

Today we discuss proper project pre-planning related to contract risks.

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Episode 55 – Have Patience

“Patience and perseverance are cornerstones to building a successful business.”

Building patience and recognizing the journey on today’s Coachcast.

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Episode 54 – Hiring Within Your Culture

“Hire new employees based on cultural fit not skill sets.”

Today we talk about considering the cultural fit of new hires first then skills second.

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