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Episode 100 – Theme For 2015

“What’s your theme for 2015?” Today we discuss having a theme for the new year.

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Episode 99 – Happy New Year

“Happy New Year – Let’s Rock 2015!”  

Episode 98 – New Years Resolutions

“Make your New Year’s resolutions work by setting them up properly in the beginning.” Let’s make resolutions that work!

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Episode 97 – Close Out 2014

“It’s time to close out 2014 and move into 2015 fresh and recharged.” Today we talk about closing out 2014 and getting a good start on 2015.

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Episode 96 – Slow Times

“Slow times during the Holidays are a great time to focus on your business.” Today we talk about focusing on improving your business during the holiday slow times.

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Episode 95 – Do Something for You

“Take time this Holiday season to do something for yourself.” Today we look at taking care of ourselves.

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Episode 94 – Happy Holiday Giving

“Happy Holidays to all. Hope you are enjoying this season of giving.” Today we reflect on the joy of giving during the holidays and continuing that throughout the year.

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Episode 93 – Follow Up

“When delegating and leading others be sure to follow-up. If you expect it, inspect it.” Today we discuss the importance of follow-up.

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Episode 92 – Know Your Banker

“Get to know your banker and see how you can help them grow their business.” Today we talk about networking the right way, starting with your banker.

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Episode 91 – Organizing Work and Fun

“Avoid burnout and recharge your reasons why by scheduling fun time and vacations.” Plan time for having fun and taking vacation. It’s what we work so hard for.

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