General Business

Episode 94 – Happy Holiday Giving

“Happy Holidays to all. Hope you are enjoying this season of giving.”

Today we reflect on the joy of giving during the holidays and continuing that throughout the year.

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Episode 89 – Lien Waivers to Clients

“Set yourself apart from other residential/light commercial contractors by providing your customers with lien waivers.”

Today we talk about using an important business process to help set yourself apart from your competition. Providing lien waivers to your customers when they don’t ask for them.

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Episode 84 – Equipment Management

“Keep your equipment in top working order to maintain a productive work site.”

Today we talk about systems for managing our equipment.

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Episode 79 – Managing Small Tools

“Having the right tools for the job is a key to a productive workforce.”

Today we discuss managing a small tools program.

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Episode 74 – Setting Company Goals

“Lasting improvement comes from making small, consistent changes that lead the way towards huge results.”

Today we take a look at setting 2015 goals for you company.

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Episode 69 – Evolving Employee Benefits

“Your employee benefits must attract and retain the best talent while aligning with your company culture.”

On today’s Coachcast we discuss employee benefits and fitting with current times.

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Episode 64 – Managing Overhead

“To increase profits you must fist control your costs.”

Today we look at getting a handle on our overhead costs.

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Episode 54 – Hiring Within Your Culture

“Hire new employees based on cultural fit not skill sets.”

Today we talk about considering the cultural fit of new hires first then skills second.

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Episode 49 – Project Buyout

“Set your projects up for success before they start”

On today’s Coachcast we discuss setting projects up for success with proper project buyout.

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Episode 44 – Managing Your Clients

“Managing your client is an important part of building a successful business.”
Today on the Coachcast we discuss the importance of managing your client. We mean managing, not manipulating!